Metarhizium : Bio Pesticide


Biopesticides like Metarhizium can be a valuable tool for insect control, but they won’t directly improve plant growth. Opt for biofertilizers or other organic amendments to nourish your plants and promote healthy soil.

10ml/litre : usage

Metarhizium not a fertilizer, BUT commercially as a biopesticide

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Metarhizium:

    • Function: Biopesticide
    • Target: Insects like grubs, beetles, weevils, and termites
    • Mode of Action: Kills insects by infecting them with a parasitic fungus.
  • Biofertilizer:

    • Function: Improves plant growth
    • Mechanism: Provides benefits like nitrogen fixation, nutrient solubilization, or promoting beneficial root microbes.



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