Potting Soil – Enriched with Organic/Bio Agents


  • Potting Soil are enriched with all below ingredients to enhance the micro and Macro nutrients with in the Soil
    Garden Soil  (1KG) comprises of below content
  • Vermi-compost (200g)
  • Decomposed Cow dung Manure 200gms
  • Decomposed Goat Manure 200gms
  • Bio Fert and Bio Pest inputs (azospirillum(N), trichoderma, Phospobacter(P),Potassium Mobilizing BioFertiliser (200gms)
  • Groundnut Cake Powder 50g
  • Pungam Cake Powder 50g
  • Neem Cake Powder 50g
  • Castor Cake Powder 50g
Kilo Grams

5KG, 10KG, 30KG, 50KG


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