Vegetable Micro Nutrients Mixer


A vegetable micro nutrient mixer is a specialized formulation designed to provide essential trace elements that vegetables need for optimal growth, development, and yield.
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  1. Boron (B):
    • Role: Essential for cell wall formation, membrane integrity, and reproductive growth.
    • Benefits: Improves flowering, fruit set, and overall plant vigor.
  2. Zinc (Zn):
    • Role: Vital for enzyme function, protein synthesis, and growth regulation.
    • Benefits: Enhances root development, leaf size, and chlorophyll production, leading to better photosynthesis.
  3. Iron (Fe):
    • Role: Crucial for chlorophyll synthesis and oxygen transport within plant cells.
    • Benefits: Prevents chlorosis (yellowing of leaves) and ensures healthy green foliage.
  4. Manganese (Mn):
    • Role: Involved in enzyme activation, photosynthesis, and nitrogen metabolism.
    • Benefits: Supports the synthesis of essential amino acids and proteins, promoting overall plant health.
  5. Copper (Cu):
    • Role: Important for photosynthesis, respiration, and lignin synthesis in cell walls.
    • Benefits: Enhances disease resistance and structural integrity of plants.
  6. Molybdenum (Mo):
    • Role: Key for nitrogen fixation and nitrate reduction.
    • Benefits: Ensures efficient nitrogen utilization, vital for growth and development.
  7. Magnesium (Mg) (sometimes included):
    • Role: Central component of chlorophyll and involved in enzyme activation.
    • Benefits: Ensures efficient photosynthesis and energy production.
  8. Calcium (Ca) (sometimes included):
    • Role: Important for cell wall structure and stability.
    • Benefits: Enhances root and shoot development and overall plant rigidity.

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