Wood Powder


  • mulching with wood byproducts like sawdust or wood chip. Mulch helps to retain soil moisture—particularly helpful if you live in an area with inconsistent rainfall, or in an urban area where you pay for water service.

  • Similarly, sawdust makes a very good material for lining garden paths and walkways. It is soft and quiet underfoot and will compress and compact, which will help to keep it in its place.

  • A good layer of sawdust on a garden path helps to reduce soil erosion, dust, and mud. It is also effective at reducing weed growth. As long as the path is not immediately near a plant-growing area.

  • Saw dust can be mixed with manures; mix the sawdust with handful of your regular manure and you’ll make it even more powerful than before application.

  • Saw dust is a good choice for conifers, blueberries, strawberries and rhododendrons.

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