Potting Soil


50kg Potting Soil bags available.
This will be your perfect requirement to start home garden.
Enriched soil with leaf, vegetable compost added with cocopeat, Vermicompost, Neem Powder along with Red Soil

Potting Soil are enriched with all below ingredients to enhance the micro and Macro nutrients with in the Soil
  1. Garden Soil  (1KG)
  2. Enriched Dry Vermi-compost (200g)
  3. Decomposed Cow dung Manure 200gms
  4. Decomposed Goat Manure 200gms
  5. Bio Fert and Bio Pest inputs (azospirillum(N), trichoderma, Phospobacter(P),Potassium Mobilizing BioFertiliser (200gms)
  6. Groundnut Cake Powder 50g
  7. Pungam Cake Powder 50g
  8. Neem Cake Powder 50g
  9. Castor Cake Powder 50g
Weight 50 kg

2KG, 5KG, 10KG, 50KG


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