Potash – Bio Fertilizer Frateuria aurantia


20 ml/Liter

Benefits of Frateuria aurantia:

  • Improves Potassium Availability: Frateuria aurantia solubilizes potassium tied up in minerals within the soil, making it readily available for plant uptake. Potassium is a crucial nutrient for plant growth, influencing various physiological processes like photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and maintaining proper water balance in plants.

  • Enhanced Plant Growth: By ensuring sufficient potassium availability, Frateuria aurantia can contribute to improved plant growth, potentially leading to higher yields and better overall plant health.

  • Potential for Reduced Chemical Fertilizer Use: The ability of Frateuria aurantia to mobilize potassium in the soil suggests the potential for reduced reliance on chemical potassium fertilizers, promoting a more sustainable agricultural approach.




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