Trichoderma viride


20ml/Litre of water

Trichoderma strains, including Trichoderma viride, are indeed used to combat root infections caused by fungal pathogens

Combating Root Infections:

Trichoderma viride acts as a biological control agent against various root rot fungi that threaten plant health. Here are the primary mechanisms it employs:

  • Competition: Trichoderma viride actively competes with harmful root rot fungi for space and nutrients in the root zone. This disrupts the pathogen’s ability to establish itself and harm the plant.

  • Antibiosis: This beneficial fungus produces potent antibiotics that target and inhibit the growth of root rot fungi. These antibiotics can weaken or even kill the harmful pathogens.

  • Mycoparasitism: Trichoderma viride has a predatory side. It can directly parasitize and consume the hyphae (thread-like structures) of root rot fungi, essentially devouring the enemy.

  • Enzyme Secretion: Trichoderma viride secretes enzymes that can break down the cell walls of root rot fungi. This weakens the pathogens and makes them more susceptible to other control mechanisms.

By employing these strategies, Trichoderma viride helps protect plant roots from fungal invaders, promoting overall plant health and preventing yield losses.


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